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Prep Work

Close-up of the intricate decorative architecture in Delhi.

In late September, we drew back the curtain a bit, and explained to students the kinds of thinking that goes into planning a Tuck Learning Expedition. Check out this blog post from the Center for Global Business and Government at Tuck.

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Hello world!

This blog features comments and insights from the faculty, staff, and students on the Tuck Learning Expedition to India in December 2012. Tuck LEs are half-term elective courses that combine pre-trip reading and company research with in-the-field international corporate visits and networking opportunities led by a member of the Tuck faculty.

The trips are organized by Tuck’s Center for Global Business and Government. LEs provide access to the people and organizations shaping the global business environment, cultural experiences carefully designed by local experts, and the opportunity to gain a global business perspective.

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