We’re in India….

Sundaram Informal Headshot

Tuck is back in India, under the auspices of CGBG’s learning expeditions. I am, along with my colleague, Becky Rice, thrilled to be leading a team of enthusiastic, energetic, accomplished Tuck ’13s that is rearing to go!

During the next ten days, we will take in an amazing array of experiences, in the process starting to wrap our minds and hearts around a complex country with an ancient culture. We will visit companies, temples, media, government, politicians, the parliament, and world heritage sites across both the South (Chennai) and North (Agra, Delhi) of this vast country.

It is a cliché, but true, that India offers an astonishing set of opportunities and challenges for global leaders looking ahead to the next few decades. With its 1+ billion people — not even counting the ones yet to come — if the average Indian will, forty years from now, earn just one-quarter of what an American earns today, that would imply the addition of over $20 trillion in GDP annually. Or, the equivalent of one-and-a-half times the current size of the US economy every year.

The fundamental contradiction is, while this growth will bring with it mind-boggling amounts of wealth-creation, it will also bring with it mind-boggling stresses on natural resources, social inequalities, and economic policy-making. Not just in India, but around the globe. The managerial challenge becomes, how can future leaders help make this growth happen in a way that is purposeful, inclusive, and sustainable, and yet create value?

Taking head on, grappling with, making sense of such contradictions lies at the heart of Tuck’s 2012 India Learning Expedition. Over the next ten days, we will be blogging about all this, and more.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us on our expedition!

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