Taj Mahal, Agra

The Tuck India Learning Expedition 2012 blog is devoted to chronicling the experiences of the trip participants. Learning Expeditions are half-term elective courses that combine pre-travel readings and company research with in-the-field international business exposure and networking.

The trips are led by a member of the Tuck faculty, and this trip is led by Anant Sundaram, Visiting Professor of Business Administration.

Benefits of LEs include:

  • Access to the people and organizations shaping the global business environment
  • Cultural experiences carefully designed by local experts
  • Opportunity to gain a global business perspective

Pre-Learning Expedition Work

Before embarking on the India LE, the students were asked to brush up on their Indian history and current events.

  • Watch the six part PBS documentary The Story of India
  • Read The Economist’s Special Report on India (September 29th, 2012) titled “Aim Higher
  • Reflect on why they are partaking in this LE and their goals for the trip

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